Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show

Competition Styles The performance must be a sequence of Gymnastic Acrobatic Tricks blended/linked together with any style of dancing or type of music with no restriction in tempi.

It could be Classical / Modern / Contemporary / Jazz or Street Dance figures.

Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show competition format Each team performs on their own music.

Judges will mark teams into the next round by using two sets of marks, one for Technical Merit, the other for Artistic Merit. Normally around 50% of the teams should be marked in each criterion. Lifts and Acrobatics Lifts, acrobatics and building pyramids are allowed and encouraged.

Any acrobatic trick or pyramid that is performed with good balance and full control will be rewarded. Props Hand Props and Stage Props are allowed if they can be brought on to the stage, or dance floor, in less than 20 seconds It must be possible to fold all scenic props and backgrounds so that they can be easily pass through a normal size door frame.

How to perform the Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show disciplines

a. Artistic Acrobatic Dance Show is a choreographed performance.

b. The character of the performance could be in any style. It is important to use gymnastic acrobatic elements like flexibility, skips, jumps, splits, bridges, leaps, summersaults or other gymnastic elements.

Gymnastic elements must be in harmony with the choreography. It is very important to connect idea, music, choreography and costume. Presentation and image is also important. An important part of the performance, especially for Small and Large teams is building pyramids. Variety and the grade of difficulty will be evaluated. It is important with skilful dancers in the team but the team is judge as a team and not by individuals.

Criterion for Judging

a. The judges will reward clever choreography, technical skill and acrobatic elements. The use of innovative, modern figures and movements within the style of dance, that is being performed, will be highly rewarded.

b. During the qualifying rounds the judges’ will use the 2-dimensional system by giving two crosses, one for Artistic Merit, the other for Technical Merit.

c. In the Final the judges’ use the 2-dimensional system by giving two sets of placing. One set for Artistic Merit, the other for Technical Merit.