Artistic Cheer leading

Competition styles Any style of dance or type of music is allowed with no restriction in tempos.

Artistic Cheerleading competition format

a. Each team performs alone to their own music.

b. Judges mark teams into the next round by using two sets of marks, one for Technical Merit, the other for Artistic Merit. Normally around 50% of the teams should be marked in each criterion. Lifts and Acrobatics Lifts and acrobatics are allowed but only with support from other team members or when the acrobatic movement is performed on the floor.

When building pyramids only 1 floor above the ground is allowed. It is not allowed to throw dancers between team members. Props Hand props like flags, banners, twirling sticks, signs, pom-poms, megaphones and pieces of cloth are allowed. Props with poles or similar support apparatus may not be used in conjunction with any kind of stunt or tumbling. All props must be handles in a safe way not to harm anybody. Stage props are not allowed.

How to perform Artistic Cheerleading competitions

a. Artistic Cheer Leading is a choreographed performance.

b. The character of the performance could be in any style. It is possible to use gymnastic elements like skips, jumps or elements of folklore dances if the music underlines this type of dancing.

c. Gymnastic elements must be in harmony with the music and the choreography should be Artistic rather than Gymnastic.

d. It is very important to blend the music, choreography, costume, and the use of props into an Artistic Performance.

e. Presentation and image is also important.

f. It is important that any Acrobatic stunts, tossing and tumbling is blended into the musical phrase with balance and control.

g. Soft-soled shoes must be worn while competing. No dance shoes/boots, and/or gymnastic slippers (or similar) are allowed. Shoes must have a solid sole.

h. Jewellery of any kind, including but not limited to, ear, nose, tongue, belly button and facial rings, clear plastic jewellery, bracelets, necklaces and pins on uniforms are not allowed.

i. Jewellery must be removed and may not be taped over.