Artistic Student Teacher Dance

Couples = Female-Female, Male-Male, Male-Female.
Definition of a Student – Teacher Couple
A Couple is defined as two persons of any gender dancing together with or without a hold in any
dance position. One Student and one Teacher, only the Student is being judged. The competition
number must be worn by the Student.
Definition of a Teacher
As the Teacher is not judged he is not part of the competition but only a partner to the Student.
The Teacher can dance with more than one Student in the same competition and does not need a
valid license as he is not taking part in the competition.
In addition to the dances mentioned in the General Rules, the Special Couple Dances are also
suitable for One Dance Student – Teacher Dance Competitions like, (Disco Fox, Jitterbug,
Argentine Tango, Tango Waltz, Bugg, Polka, Bolero, Mambo) and any other dance that the
organiser would like to have included in his programme.
General recommendations for Artistic Dance competitions
We are looking for an artistic interpretation of all dances in this section. We want to see
innovative figures mixed with spectacular entertaining dancing. Low lifts, separations, side-byside figures, floor drops and similar are allowed in Artistic Dance. Acrobatics are not allowed in
any dance.
How to perform Student – Teacher Dance Competitions
Format – Qualifying Rounds
a. The Organiser’s music must be played in Strict Tempo.
b. In the starting round of the competition all couples shall be seen by the judges in a
presentation dance for 30 seconds. The presentation dance could be divided into two or
more groups.
c. The couples will thereafter be divided into heats. The number of dancers in the same
heat depends on the size of the dance floor, recommended is 6 couples in each heat and
never more than 12 couples. Each heat will be a maximum of 1 minute 30 seconds and
not less than 1 minute.
d. Judges mark the Student only using the 1-dimentional system of marking with a cross
for the Students they want to go forward into the next round.
e. To close the round all couples will dance again for 30 seconds for the judges to clarify
their marks.
f. In the following rounds no presentation dance will be made, items c. d. and f. will be
repeated in all following rounds until the Final.
Artistic Dance Departments, Divisions and Competition Rules
Page B-3-2 Artistic Couple Dance Department
Format for dancing the Final
A Final shall consist of a minimum of 5 couples, unless it is a straight final, but with no more than
8 couples in the final. If there are 7 couples or less in a class, it can be a straight final. If there
are 8 couples or more in a class a Semi-Final must be danced.
a. All finalists will dance 30 seconds together.
b. The finalists will be divided into two equal groups. Each group will dance for up to a
maximum of 1 minute but not less than 30 seconds.
c. All Finalists will then dance together for up to a maximum of 1 minute.
d. The adjudicators will only place the Student in order of merit using the 1-diensional
e. In a straight final with 4 dancers or less all competitors will dance together to two different
pieces of music for up to a maximum of 1 minute but not less than 30 seconds each time.
Criterion for Judging
a. The judges will reward good technique and artistry.
b. It is important how the couple uses the floor.
c. Clever choreography in harmony with the character of the dance being danced. Impressive
impact of each couple with correct technique is also important but only the Student will be
judged and not the Teacher.