Break Dance Battles

Break Dance Categories

a. Solo Female (B-Girls)

b. Solo Male (B-Boys)

c. Small Teams 4 – 8 dancers Mixed (B-Boys & B-Girls)

d. Large Teams 9 – 16 dancers Mixed (B-Boys & B-Girls)

e. Showcases 17 and more dancers Break Dance

Age Groups

a. Juveniles 11 years and under

b. Juniors 12-15 years

c. Youth and Adults 16 years and over

Music: The Organiser’s music will be used in all rounds Solos Format – Qualifying Rounds

a. The organiser’s music is played at a suitable tempo.

b. In the starting round of the competition all dancers shall be seen by the judges in a presentation dance for 30 seconds. In the event of many entries the floor will be crowded and the presentation dance will be divided in two or more groups. The chairman of judges will decide the number of dancers in each group.

c. The dancers will thereafter be divided into heats. Every heat will not have more than 2 dancers. The duration of the performance will be between 45 and 60 seconds.

d. In all following rounds, including the semi-final there will be not be a presentation dance at the beginning of the round.

Judging – Qualifying Rounds Judges mark the 8 best dancers using the 2 dimensional system with one cross for Technique and Acrobatics and the other for Artistic Merit for the dancers each adjudicator want to go directly forward to the final battle. The eight dancers that have the highest number of crosses will go straight to the final battle. All other dancers will dance one more qualification round, from which the remaining 8 dancers will be selected for the final.

Format for dancing the Final All dancers in the final are ranked in order of the number of crosses received. The 8 dancers that were selected directly for the final will be ranked 1-8. The 8 dancers that were selected in the second chance round will be ranked 9-16 according to the number of crosses they received. The 1st ranked dancer will dance against the 16th ranked dancer. The 2nd ranked dancer will dance against the 15th ranked dancer and so on ending with the 8th ranked dancer will dancing against the 9th ranked dancer, eight (8) battles in total. In the event of equal number of crosses a draw will be carried out for who will meet who. The winners of each battle will meet in a quarter final in 4 battles and where the winners are ranked against each other again in accordance to the number of the crosses from the ranking list of the first round. The 4 winners of the ¼ final will meet in a semi-final. Who will meet who in the semi-final will be decided by a draw. The two winners will meet each other in a final for 1st and 2nd place and the two losers of the semi-finals will meet for 3rd and 4th place