Urban Pop Dance Fusion Show

The Pop dance style should dominate the performance while Street dance style dances could also be a part of the performance.

Categories For all categories see general rules

Time limits See general rules Pop Dance Fusion Show Competition format Each team performs alone to their own music. The music will start as soon as the team have taken its position on the floor. No choreographic performance before or after the limited time of music is allowed.

How to perform Pop Dance Fusion Show

a. Pop Dance Show is a choreographed performance.

b. The character of the performance must be in line with the style of Pop Dance.

c. It is allowed to change clothes or remove parts of the costume during the performance.

d. Acrobatics and Lifts are allowed.

e. Props are allowed if they can be brought on to the stage within 20 seconds. Stagehands are allowed. It must be possible to fold all scenic props and backgrounds so that they can be easily brought in through a normal size door.

Criterion for Judging

a. The judges will reward clever choreography, strong and fast speedy movements. Good synchronisation between the team members. It is important with good individual dancer’s, but the team is judged on the impression of the whole team.

b. The use of innovative, modern figures and movements within the style of dance, that is being performed, will be highly rewarded.

c. During the qualifying rounds the judges’ will use the 2-dimensional system by giving two crosses, one for Artistic Merit and the other for Technical Merit.

d. In the Final the judges’ use the 2-dimensional system by giving two sets of placings, one set for Artistic Merit and the other for Technical Merit.